The Starker Family


Our son Ben was terribly sick, misdiagnosed for months by more “traditional” pediatricians and specialists. Eventually he was put on a cocktail of some very powerful and scary drugs. I guess you could say the drugs improved some of the very worst symptoms, but he still was far from well. A friend recommended that we visit Dr. Carine for another opinion. Dr. Carine looked at Ben’s overall health and well-being, and diagnosed him with PANDAS and a severe gluten intolerance. She took him off of all drugs, and instead prescribed a round of simple antibiotics and a gluten free, anti-inflammatory diet. I am not exaggerating when I say Dr. Carine saved our son and gave us our family back. Ben still has to maintain a good diet, and we have to manage his PANDAS, but he is happy, healthy, and thriving. Dr. Carine has been an amazing health care provider for our other two sons as well, but their stories are (thankfully!) not as dramatic.

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