Shot-Only Visits

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If your child only needs a vaccine booster or other immunization, you can make a shot-only appointment. 


Please refer to our Vaccination Policy for specific details/limitations on scheduling/requesting Shot Only visits at our office.

If your child has had the most recent Well Check already, please call to see if you are eligible for a Shot Only visit.

If your child has not had the most recent Well Check, we will not schedule a Shot Only visit. We believe Well Checks are part of the most beneficial way to care for your child and help us provide the best health care available to them.

A Shot-Only visit will generate an office visit charge, which your insurance may or may not cover. You may also have a copay for this type of visit. Usually, insurance covers the cost of the vaccine itself as part of preventative care coverage, but this is dependent on your insurance coverage.  Any questions about your health insurance coverage should be directed to your insurance provider.