We aim to make our billing process as easy and as streamlined as possible, to optimize your experience with us.


Billing Policies

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Our billing policy is called “Credit Card Plus,” or “CCP”.

Over the years, Dr. Carine has witnessed that outstanding patient balances become an obstacle to a good doctor/patient relationship. Similar to systems used at hotels, we will secure all visit charges with a credit card. Once your visit has been processed by your insurance company, any remaining charges will be placed on the credit card on file. Guarantors will be asked to sign agreements at their first visit.

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We feel that unpaid bills are an obstacle to the care of your children. Families are often hesitant to return to the doctor if their bill is outstanding, and we as an office are uncomfortable with large outstanding balances. We will make every effort to collect outstanding bills as quickly as possible to avoid this uncomfortable situation, as it can be such an obstacle to a good doctor/patient relationship

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Bills generated by our office are submitted to your insurance for payment. We make every effort to make our claims as “clean” as possible. Through help from our practice management company and knowledge of the system Dr. Carine has gained through the years, the majority of what we bill is covered by insurance. We cannot, however, keep track of what benefits your own plan provides.

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Bills rejected by insurance that cannot easily be corrected are patients’ responsibility.
We will not, at any time, falsify a diagnosis or visit code to help achieve payment, as this is fraud and puts our practice in great danger. We encourage you to personally further appeal rejected claims, as often the carrier will make accommodations for the client better than they will for the physician, because you are the purchaser of the product (insurance). It is very important that you let us know if your insurance has changed, or if your plan requires a large deductible, so as to prevent large unpaid bills from accruing with our office.


Billing FAQs


Can I opt out of the CPC payment system?

No, this is a requirement of the practice.

When will my credit card be charged?

After insurance has processed the claim, which can take from 10 – 90 days, you will receive a “pending payment” automated email notice regarding payment date and amount.

What if I am overcharged at some point?

We will work diligently to refund any overpayments. Please contact our billing department directly at

I have a bill due to the office right now, do I need to pay that the day I sign the contract?

If you have an existing patient/family balance due at the beginning of your contract, you may make payment in full, or you can make a request for a payment plan. Payment plans must be approved by the office manager, require an immediate deposit and rapid resolution.

I like to pay my bills by check/cash, and do not want to have the bills applied to a credit card. What can I do?

After your insurance has determined patient responsibility for a visit, you will receive an automated “pending payment” email which will tell you the date your card will be charged (usually scheduled 2-5 business days after you receive the email), and the amount of the charge. You will also receive an automated email receipt as confirmation once the payment is complete. The time between when you receive the “pending payment” email and when your card is actually charged allows you the flexibility to pay in other ways, but you must act quickly and make that payment or the credit card will be charged.

How much will my credit card be charged?

The cost of charges for each visit are determined by your insurance carrier and policy. Until the claim is processed, we do not know the exact charge. Once the claim is processed by the insurance company, you will be billed whatever they determine to be your responsibility. After insurance has processed the claim, which can take from 10 – 90 days, you will receive a “pending payment” automated email notice regarding payment amount. It is important to remember that health insurance is a product purchased by you or your employer to ease the cost of healthcare. You are the consumer of the health plan and it is your responsibility to advocate for the coverage you need.