Med-Check Visits



Chronic maintenance medications are usually given refills until the next time we need to see the child in follow up. If your child is out of refills, it is best to schedule a re-check appointment. This is especially true of asthma medications.

Controlled substances, such as ADHD medications, are regulated by the DEA. These are strong medications which can greatly effect your child’s health, and therefore need to be monitored by a health care professional. Regular Med Check appointments are required and we can now offer e-prescriptions (except on rare occasions).  


If your child is on a controlled medication they must be seen in our office at least every 3 months (90 days).  We cannot refill controlled medication for a child we have not seen and assessed within the last 3 months (90 days).  

Our office requires 2-5 business days notice, so please do not wait until your child is out of medication to notify us.

Your child must be present at the follow-up/recheck/Med Check visits.