Recommended Websites

Autism Research Institute
Believes that Autism is treatable, this website is host to many parent resources and helpful research.

AAPC Publishing
Specializes in books and multi-media on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and related exceptionalities for individuals on the spectrum, their parents, families, peers, educators and other professionals.

Up-to-date information on community resources to help improve and enhance the lives of children and families.

Johnson Center
Offers diagnostic services, healthcare services, behavioral therapy, educational assessments and a research program to answer the questions related to developmental disorders.

Recreation Unlimited
Provides year-round programs in sports, recreation and education for individuals with disabilities and health concerns.

Serves families, educators, and professionals working with students with autism and low-incidence disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairments, other health impairments, and traumatic brain injuries.

Seizure Tracker
Log and track seizure activity, appointments, and medication schedules through a simple calendar interface from your computer or mobile phone.

Easy-to-remember number to call when you need help or access to human services.


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