The Lett Family


Our family has what we believe to be, a special story and connection to Dr. Carine and Integrative Pediatrics. Our relationship, which began with a tragedy, has continued into what can only be described as an amazing story of the power of healing and the unwavering commitment of a doctor and her staff.

We were introduced to Dr. Carine shortly before the birth of our first child, when she became the only doctor both in the United States AND abroad who properly diagnosed my brother – without even meeting him. For years and years he struggled with debilitating mental illness, drug addiction, various GI issues and a plethora of learning disabilities. He eventually ended up in a facility that could care for him as he was unable to function independently in society and my mother was no longer able to care for him. He was never able to meet Dr. Carine as he was too ill to travel, but she listened to his entire medical history, read through his charts, diagnoses and millions of medications tried. Based on the information provided by my mother and his records, she concluded that he most likely had Celiac Disease. After a decade of doctor’s visits, the term Celiac was brand new for us as no doctor had ever thought to test for this. Dr. Carine ordered blood to be drawn at the facility where he was living immediately. The story is tragic because he passed away just a day or two after his blood work was drawn. When Dr. Carine received his blood work on her desk he had already passed. The care we received form Dr. Carine and the staff during this time was incredible. They met with us, cried with us and cared for us – more than any other healthcare professional has ever done, to say the least. If only we had found her sooner.

My husband and I met with Dr. Carine just a few weeks later to discuss carrying for our unborn child as we were 36 weeks pregnant at this time and were so relieved to have found a pediatrician that we could fully trust to care for our newborn son and future children. Noble was born just a few weeks later and upon his birth had low muscle tone, and was unable to eat on his own. After 5 days in the NICU it was determined through genetic testing that he has a very rare genetic disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome. Throughout our entire stay in the NICU we were in contact with Dr. Carine and she spent many a phone conversation with me during those 5 days to reassure me and encourage me that Noble would get the very best care and have the best outcomes possible, and she was right.

We left the NICU and went straight to Integrative Pediatrics where Noble had his first OMT Session with Dr. Carine. I could go into pages worth of details to describe his amazing progress, talk about the milestones that he has met on time when all others said he wouldn’t, or to tell you how he has been a perfectly healthy little boy (something that is unheard of for children with PWS), but this is about Dr.Carine and the amazing staff at Integrative Pediatrics and how their care has effected Noble and our other 2 children for the rest of their lives.

Every time we walk into the office (we walk in like a circus parade: mom, dad, 2 toddlers, an infant and all their junk) it feels like we’re walking into a relative’s house. Everyone knows our names and greets us like they have missed us since the last time they saw us – which was probably last week. They spend so much time with us, listening to us, caring for us, addressing our concerns and coordinating our care.

They do it all with ease and are always happy to help. I will say specifically to all the families out there that have ever worried about their children and their development (so everyone) that this Practice has been life saving for our family. They stay one step ahead and pay careful attention to who your child is and how they are doing in a holistic way. They care about every facet of your child’s health (mind,body, spirit) and it shows. Dr. Carine is ahead of her time and offers the absolute best care you can find for your child. I am all the time reading in magazines, books and online articles NEW and awesome treatments that are being tried in pediatric practices that she has been prescribing for years. As a family,we are forever grateful to Dr. Carine and her staff for being cutting edge in caring for our children –giving them the best in the medical world. Our children, and specifically Noble’s life has been changed forever because of them!


Crystal Lett on behalf of Jameson, Noble, Henning & Augustine Lett

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