The Ferguson Family


I was unhappy with our pediatrician and was looking for someone to help us.  We were referred to Dr. Carine from a friend who also had a child with autism that had recently started seeing her.  I trusted the parent so we came for a few appointments.  Dr. Carine had a way with Hayden that his other doctor did not.  She cared!

In a very short period of time we saw huge changes in Hayden.  It felt good to have a doctor listen to us as parents.  She really delved into our family history and took the time to come up with a plan to help Hayden get healthy.  It was a great moment when Hayden responded to her for the first time and wanted her attention because he had a desire to talk to her!  Any parent who has a child with autism knows to celebrate those moments and we could not have gotten there without Dr. Carine.  She also cares for our daughter.  Anya had some health issues and Dr. Carine really helped us work through those.  It is good to know she will be able to support Anya into her next phase of life, COLLEGE!  It gives us a peace of mind that if something comes up she is available for Anya.

Hayden is in 4th grade and has been in a mainstream class since Kindergarten.  He is healthy and happy!  He knows Dr. Carine understands him and if anything comes up she is there to support him!  Saying “thank you” can not even begin to express the gratitude we have for Dr. Carine.  She is a part of our family and a dear friend!

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