The Future of Big Chicken

We live in America– we believe in democracy and capitalism. We are a country that has created the highest standard of living for the largest number of people in the world history. I’d say we have done a good job.

I personally don’t want to return to a world where people die of infectious diseases, and starvation. But in all of our success we have created some new problems. Our food industry is widely successful at keeping our country well fed, but certainly has some limitations. I believe we are smart, industrial people. I believe we can do better.

This article discusses the raising of poultry in America and the many people who are trying to change it for the better. In the end though, it is the “vote” of the consumer that makes a product viable. If we continue to demand cheap food, we will get it. So, as you shop, remember quantity is not better than quality. Most of us don’t need MORE food, we need better food. We also don’t need fancy food. Nutritionally grass fed hamburger meat is still better for you than corn fed filet mignon. A Whole chicken that is pasture fed, is better then chicken breasts that are industrial raised.

So chose wisely, both for your families health and the health of our country.

Malik Media