The Baryluk Family


A few years ago my oldest son was losing weight and complaining of stomach aches. His pediatrician examined him and advised us to seek out counseling suggesting that he was anxious. According to him 90% of stomach aches were caused by anxiety.  It was not the first time we had heard that from a pediatrician…our previous doctor told us the same thing when our young daughter complained of stomach aches as soon as she could talk. But something in my gut told me that was the wrong diagnosis. Several years earlier our younger son was having recurring ear infections and as a result of overuse of antibiotics was hospitalized for 8 days.  Now with our oldest son still not feeling well we had lost faith in pediatricians.

But at the request of a friend decided to give Dr Carine a try. My friend told me that she was “different” from other doctors. I conceded and made an appointment. The first thing she did was reassure me that his stomach pain was not in his head and she would get to the bottom of it. I felt so relieved to hear a doctor say that!  After some bloodwork the results were not what we thought we would hear…..he had a rare form of leukemia.

It has been over 4 years since I first met Dr Carine and I can’t imagine ever having another pediatrician.

We have learned so much from her! She uncovered the stomach aches that our daughter was having, the nasal congestion our other son was having, genetic mutations in our children that may very well have contributed to our son’s leukemia, and so much more. And finally a pediatrician who offers an alternative track for immunizations (and what a relief that I am not having to figure that out on my own)! And don’t think that we have a “sick” family. From the outside we are all very healthy, but Dr Carine helped us discover that if we addressed the food sensitivities that she uncovered and strengthened our gut health our kids would very seldom be sick. Last school year our 5 children missed a combined 3 days of school for illness!

I also appreciate her having been a strong advocate for our son and family as we worked through a 40 month chemotherapy and radiation treatment plan.  The OMT she provided and help choosing proper supplementation helped keep his body strong through all the chemo. She went above and beyond to support our family and we are extremely grateful not just to her, but to the entire staff.

- Jennifer Baryluk, Columbus Ohio

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