Many integrative practitioners choose to “opt out” of insurance, leaving their patients to pay their bills out of pocket.  By doing so, the physician has the freedom to practice any way they desire and it removes all of the regulation that is attached to accepting insurance.  Often this equates to a better experience for the patient and the physician, of course, can make better money while seeing fewer patients, so their own quality of life is improved.

Dr. Carine has chosen to continue to take insurance for the financial benefit of her patients.  She feels that children need quality preventative care, and that not accepting insurance would limit the amount of prevention she would be able to provide.  Therefore, as outlined above, there are pressures placed on this office that we must work around.


PLEASE update our office immediately by faxing or emailing us a copy (front and back) of your new insurance card(s)!

We accept most of the big name insurance companies, but urge families to:

Email/Fax us copies (front and back) of your primary, secondary, tertiary and/or Medicaid insurance.  Without ALL of your insurance information, we cannot properly inform you.  In addition, you should call your insurance (or check online) to see if your particular plan lists us as an “in network” provider.  When you find us listed on a particular plan, or call your insurance to confirm that, we recommend documenting the date, time and representative you speak with.

With all the health care changes, we know families who have had “out of network” coverage by the time their paperwork was complete, even though we were “in network” when they began registration with their insurance provider.

If you are interested in becoming a new patient you MUST send us your primary insurance card (front and back).  If you have ANY secondary insurance, you must also send us a copy (front and back) of that card.  Please do not exclude insurance information for ANY reason.

**A note about insurance:

It is the patient’s responsibility, at all times, to know their insurance policy.  Patients should be aware of their benefit coverage: including which physicians are contracted with their plan, covered and non-covered benefits, authorization requirements, and costs share information such as deductibles, co-insurance, and co pays.  If you are not familiar with your plan coverage, we recommend you contact your carrier directly.

It is the patient’s responsibility, at all times, to provide us with accurate billing information for each family member at the time of service.

If your insurance company requires you to choose a primary care provider (PCP), it is the patient’s responsibility, at all times, to notify them prior to your visit to ensure that you have authorization for your visit with us.