Current Patients

If you have a medical emergency, please call 9 1 1.  If you are having trouble contacting us via the patient portal, email or have not received a response to a message, please call our office at 614.459.4200.


Updated (2016) Vaccine Policy

We would like to make you aware of our new vaccine policy.  We will ask you to sign this new document at your next Well Check.  Please be reminded that your Well Check should focus on your child’s health and development, therefore, we do not want to use that time to only discuss vaccines.  Be aware insurance companies require us to complete a designated set of discussion topics during a coded Well Check, so if we discuss vaccines for an entire visit, there may be no coverage for that visit.  If you feel you have a lot of questions, we recommend you make a stand alone appointment for that.

These changes are being made to address some concerns our practice has regarding vaccinations being delivered outside of Well Child exams.  Children need to develop a healthy relationship with their health care providers and we do not want visits to our office to be dominated by vaccine delivery.  We will be limiting the number of visits they have to our office to receive vaccines.  From now on, vaccines will only be delivered during pre-determined visits, and if a parent chooses to spread out vaccines in a different way than our two schedule options, they may do so at the health department, while remaining our patient for primary care.

If you have a billing question please first contact your insurance company, and/or email


PLEASE update our office immediately by faxing or emailing us a copy (front and back) of your new insurance card(s)!

We accept most of the big name insurance companies, but urge families to:

Email/Fax us copies (front and back) of your primary, secondary, tertiary and/or Medicaid insurance.  Without ALL of your insurance information, we cannot properly inform you.  In addition, you should call your insurance (or check online) to see if your particular plan lists us as an “in network” provider.  When you find us listed on a particular plan, or call your insurance to confirm that, we recommend documenting the date, time and representative you speak with.

With all the health care changes, we know families who have had “out of network” coverage by the time their paperwork was complete, even though we were “in network” when they began registration with their insurance provider.

If you are interested in becoming a new patient you MUST send us your primary insurance card (front and back).  If you have ANY secondary insurance, you must also send us a copy (front and back) of that card.  Please do not exclude insurance information for ANY reason.

**A note about insurance:

It is the patient’s responsibility, at all times, to know their insurance policy.  Patients should be aware of their benefit coverage: including which physicians are contracted with their plan, covered and non-covered benefits, authorization requirements, and costs share information such as deductibles, co-insurance, and co pays.  If you are not familiar with your plan coverage, we recommend you contact your carrier directly.


ASQ Forms for Well Checks -

In an effort to better serve our patients, our office has started using the Ages and Stages Developmental Screening Questionnaire.  This developmental screening allows us to keep track of our patient’s progress in key developmental areas.  The AAP recommends these screenings and in our office they are a requirement for Well Checks.  If we are providing primary care for your children, we require that you complete an ASQ with every Well Check for your child up until age 5, or as otherwise requested.  If your child has an upcoming Well Check visit, we ask that you take some time before your appointment to complete the tasks listed in this questionnaire with your child.  Please answer each question with a “yes”, “sometimes”, or “not yet” in each section.  At the end of the questionnaire, there is an overall section that allows you to let us know if you have any additional concerns about your child’s development.

Please bring the completed form with you to your child’s Well Check where we will score the screening and discuss the results during your visit.  This screening will allow us to provide the best care for your child and we appreciate you taking the time to fully complete the questionnaire.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

2-month ASQ - Well Check (1 month 0 days through 2 months 30 days*)

4-month ASQ - Well Check (3 months 0 days through 4 months 30 days*)

6-month ASQ - Well C heck (5 months 0 days through 6 months 30 days*)

9-month ASQ - Well Check (9 months 0 days through 9 months 30 days*)

12-month ASQ - Well Check (11 months 0 days through 12 months 30 days*)

16-month ASQ - 15 Month Well Check (15 months 0 days through 16 months 30 days*)

18-month ASQ - Well Check (17 months o days through 18 months 30 days*)

24-month ASQ - Well Check (23 months 0 days through 25 months 15 days*)

30-month ASQ –  Optional Well Check (28 months 16 days through 31 months 15 days*)  Some insurances will cover a 2.5 year Well Check, please call your insurance to see if they will cover this for you.

36-month ASQ - Well Check (34 months 16 days through 38 months 30 days*)

48-month ASQ - Well Check (45 months 0 days through 50 months 30 days*)

60-month ASQ - Well Check (57 months 0 days through 66 months 0 days*)

After the 5 year Well Check, there are no more ASQ forms.  However, all children should have 1 Well Check annually after the age of 3, preferably shortly after their birthday!

* Age of child AT THE DATE/TIME of the VISIT!

If your child has a Well Check scheduled for a date/time when they do NOT fall into one of the above age ranges, we will have the form for you at the office.  This may happen if the Well Check is scheduled a big late.

Currently we are finding that some insurance companies are not covering this preventive health questionnaire and the cost of it is patient responsibility.  We will try an appeal if your insurance does not cover the billing, however, if they deny it again, it will be your responsibility.  As mentioned before, these are required for Well Checks (and primary care) with our office.